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DX 40m DC Receiver now with 20 x 4 LCD & CW Decode
NEW Updated version

This DX Direct Conversion 40m Receiver is a collaboration between Steve Elliott K1EL of Winkeyer Fame (See Hamcrafters Page) and Kanga Products (UK).

It has a number of features that you would not normally find in a receiver of this kind.  Features that have been included within this kit are:

  • Conventional VFO – Tuning  7.000 MHz – 7.200 MHz
  • 20×4 LCD Screen
  • CW reader
  • Frequency Readout
  • 9 volt or 12 volt operation
  • Switched-bandwidth audio filter and mute

For build instructions click here.



Weight: 17oZ

Item#: DC-40m



Sandford Wattmeter

(Normally $45- Some cases have paint imperfections)

The Sandford Wattmeter   – Consists of the following three instruments:

  • Dual range (5 & 20 watt Full Scale) Power Meter
  • 50Ω* Non –Inductive Load (Dummy Antenna)
  • Resistor pi network giving a -34dB sample output

The wattmeter is intended for use as a piece of test equipment in the QRP enthusiast’s shack. The accuracy is better than 10% which compares favourably with commercial units intended for the amateur market.

The kit when constructed as per these instructions will dissipate 5 watts indefinitely and up to 20 watts for short periods.


*** OUT OF STOCK ***

Weight: 14oZ


M0TGN Morse Tutor

M0TGN Morse Tutor – Has similar functions such as Letters, Numbers, Mixed Letters and Numbers, to the Datong  Datong D70 Morse Tutor® included are positions to enable you to plug a key in and use it as a Morse Code Oscillator training unit, as well as headphones.
Click Here to download build instructions


Weight: 15oZ

Item#: M0TGN

The “URMSTON” Regen Receiver

The “URMSTON” Regen Receiver is a join venture between the G-QRP Club and Kanga (UK). The Circuit design created by George Dobbs G3RJV and Paul m0xpd who also created the PCB have produced what is a great Receiver. The Kit was used as the G-QRP Buildathon night in 2015. This is the Friday night before the G-QRP Convention held in October every year.

This kit is ideal for all construction levels of our hobby. The frequency of the supplied kit covers part of the 40m Amateur Band and some Broadcast Band. With a simple component change it can be made to cover other frequencies.

​​Click Here for the Build instructions

Click Here for the PCB parts placement and some simple instructions on how to operate a Regen receiver kindly provided by G3VTT

*** OUT OF STOCK ***


Weight: 10oZ



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