The Foxx-3 CW Transceiver


In the summer 1983 issue of SPRAT, the journal of the G-QRP Club, there appeared a design for an elegantly simple QRP transceiver called the Foxx. Designed by George Burt GM3OXX, the Foxx used just five transistors and employed the PA transistor as the detector for the receiver.

The FOXX-3 by Derek Alexander G4GVM was published in the spring 1999 issue of SPRAT. While based on the original FOXX, it had a few refinements to make operation easier:

  • Automatic transmit/receive change over (semi-break-in)

  • Sidetone

  • Built in harmonic filter.

The Foxx-3 Kit is available for 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m and 20m Amateur Radio bands.

Click the band you wish to download a copy of the respective construction notes.

Sandro IZ0RUW kindly sent the following review of the Foxx-3 – “A small Radio for QRP”  which appeared in the magazine  RAdioRivista 10/2016 published by ARI- Italian Amateurradio Association

Click here for Foxx-3 BC212 (TR2) Errata notes 


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20M, 30M, 40M, 60M, 80M


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