FT-241 Crystal Holders


These FT-241A crystals are perfect for holding HC49/s and HC49/U type crystals.  Unlike FT-243’s these easily fit the larger HC49/U crystals and require no extra milling/drilling.  Simply remove the 2 bottom screws to remove the cover, unsolder the old crystal, solder in your new crystals, and replace the cover/screws.

Measuring approximately 1.5″h X 1.125″w X 0.5″d  (38mm h X 29mm w X x11mm d) these are the same height, depth, and pins as an FT-243 but slightly wider.

Need a crystal?  Click here for over 30 Ham radio frequencies available from 3.5-50MHz

*FT-243 and HC49/U crystal in pictures are for comparison display only and not included with the FT-241A crystal.

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1 × .5 in


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