Trimmer Capacitors


New old stock ceramic trimmer capacitors from manufacturers such as Stettner, Tusonix, Johnson, Sprague, & JFD. See table below for available capacitance and details.

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Manufacturer Part Number Capacitance(pF) Attributes Price Image

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Johanson 9401-0 0.25-0.7 3mm SMD $.50
Stettner 300-329-520 10-40pF 10mm $1
Johnson 187-0109-175 2-16pF Air Trimmer SMD $2.50
Sprague GGP8R500 .8-8.5 Piston 6x22mm $2.50
JFD VC10GWX 4.5-6 Piston 6.5×8.3mm $2.50
JFD VC9GW 4-9 Piston 6×14.5mm $2.50


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9401-0, 300-329-520, 187-0109-175, GGP8R500, VC9GW, VC10GWX


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