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With the loss of electronic stores leaving our local towns we felt a need to supply small kits to the local area for learning and enjoying the electronic hobbies.

The CCK line are little cheap kits and modules produced in China or far east.  Great for a small club project, soldering practice, learning, or for just plain fun.  Many have found these cheap little kits to not have the best or non-English instructions. For many of these kits we have provided a set of builders notes to help you along.  At these prices it’s hard to buy the individual parts themselves!



Pixie QRP Transceiver kit with Pixie switch and 3 Xtals

This is the classic Chinese Pixie QRP 7.023MHz Transceiver  kit along with our Pixie Crystal Switch kit and 3 of our most popular hc49/s crystal frequencies 7030 7055 & 7110


Item: CCK-Pixie

Weight: 3oZ

Test and Measurement



Measures Inductors (10uH-20H), capacitors (25pF-100,000puF) , resistors (1-50M Ohm), potentiometers, diodes, dual diodes , transistors (NPN, PNP, MOSFET, JFET), SCRs , LEDs, and more.

Displays the pin out of the device under test as well as additional data on parts such as Hfe, junction capacitance, forward voltage, etc.

Notice: Before measuring capacitance discharge capacitors first to avoid damaging the meter.

A Handy tool to have on the bench!

The LCR-T4 board is assembled in enclosure but you need to re-open the enclosure and add a 9V battery (not included).


Item: CCK-LCR-T4

Weight: 6oZ


XR2206 Function Generator kit

A Handy little audio generator producing sine, triangle, and square wave outputs from about 1Hz to 1MHz.  The kit is fairly easy to build but we still include a couple of extra builders tips.


Item: CCK-XR2206

Weight: 4oZ


DC 4.7~32V 3-Digit Display Voltmeter 0.36 Inch Red




Weight: .25oZ


Volt/Amp Meter

4-30VDC 10A




Weight: 1oZ



 8×8 FFT Audio Spectrum Display kit

A fun little audio spectrum analyzer.  This is an SMD kit and from a skill level of 1 to 5 we rate this a 6 due to the small parts and poor instructions.  Fortunately we have a few Builders-Notes to help out.

Note: The LEDs come in strips and are not identified to color or orientation.  You can use a continuity tester as part of a DMM or consider our LCR-T4 component tester above.



Weight: 1oZ


 5 LED Audio Level Indicator kit

Add an audio level to your next project.  Requires 3.5-12VDC.  This kit normally is a bag of parts with no instructions but our included Builders Notes includes a bill of material, schematic, and building guide.


Item: CCK-KA2284

Weight: .5oZ


10 LED Audio Level Indicator kit

Add an audio level to your next project.  Requires  3-25VDC.  Like the above audio level indicator it’s normally just a bag of parts and if you insert the parts as suggested it just plain won’t work right!  Fortunately our included Builders-Notes and a simple modification will make this work like a champ!


Item: CCK-LM3915

Weight: 1oZ

Audio Amplifier kit

A neat, and fairly loud, audio amplifier using an LM386, KA2284 audio level indicator, and speaker all wrapped in a nice clear enclosure.  Includes builders notes for both boards and final enclosure to aid in assembly.


Item: LM386-BOX

Weight: 10oZ

Solder Practice & Just for fun


SMD practice kit

Uses 0805 0603 and 0402 (really tiny!) parts.

New to SMD?  Try our SMD Dummy Load with larger 2512 parts first!

Requires 5VDC but 3-AA’s will do the trick just fine.  Includes 3xAA Battery holder.

On a 1-5 this is a skill level 5 due to the very tiny sized parts.



Weight: 1oZ


Christmas tree kit

A good first time soldering kit.  These normally do not even have instructions but fortunately we made up a quick instruction page: CCK-Xmas-Tree-Instructions

Requires a USB port or 4-6V, Includes 3XAA battery holder.



Weight: 1oZ


Tracing Car Kit

Another fun little kit for a first time solder project.  After building your car draw a track and the car will follow.  The included assembly manual is in Chinese but we have added Builders Notes to help you along.


Note: The tracing car kit comes in 2 styles depending on stock availability – Horizontal or Vertical mounted motors



Weight: 4oZ


And more to follow………….

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