CW Kits

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We can also build the kit for you! Assembled prices are in th



Configurable Audio Limiter Filter

Is QRM and QRN getting you down? Don’t have a cow, get a CALF!   CALF – the Configurable Audio Limiter Filter is designed to help pull signals out of the QRM and noise with bandwidths down to <100Hz and skirts up to 40db/octave on a 700Hz center frequency.  Includes experimenter options.



The little brother of the 3CPO Iambic keyer/Trainer



Code Practice Oscillator & Keyer

3CPO combines the DL3LJ YACK keyer IC w/ Iambic trainer, a Twin-T oscillator, input protection, and a positive/negative transmitter keying circuit into one unit. The Twin-T oscillator provides a near-sine wave along with properly shaped audio CW signals.

e detailed pages. Contact us if you would like a kit built but assembly price is not listed.

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