Mini-Yack Iambic Keyer/Trainer

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Mini-Yack (Yet Another CW Keyer) is the bare bones little brother of the 3CPO keyer and iambic trainer designed for embedding into a QRP radio.  Included within the YACK engine are 2 memories, a beacon mode and 2 Iambic training modes.


NEW Advanced Iambic Training Mode – Is it a training or is it a challenging game?  The new advanced Iambic training mode will send a call sign which must be properly re-entered with Iambic paddles.   On each successful entry the keyer will advanced in speed by 1WPM and on each wrong entry will decrease by 1WPM.  When training is complete (by pressing the COMMAND button) the keyer will return to the default speed and send what the last speed during the session, the number of calls entered correctly and the total number of calls sent.


Mini-Yack-BoardMini-Yack Mini-Yack-ButtonsMini-Yack Buttons
 Mini-Yack-Connected Mini-Yack-HW-8SMini-Yack Inside an HW-8
Follow THIS LINK for a neat enclosure you can build by VE3FWF.

Comparison of the Mini-Yack to 3CPO

Mini-Yack 3CPO
Side Tone Square Wave Twin-T Shaped Sine
Side Tone Adjustable? Yes Yes
Iambic Trainer Yes Yes
Straight Key Bypass Yes Yes
Memory 2 @ 100 Characters each 2 @ 100 Characters each
Beacon Mode Yes Yes
Keying Positive Only Positive AND Negative Grid
Input Voltage Protection Yes Yes
Key input protection No Yes
Power 2*-15V 8-15V
Buttons Command Only on board

PLAY1, PLAY2, QRS, RESET, and Command External Buttons Available

Command, QRS, Play1, Play2, Reset, Power
Factory Hardware Reset Yes Yes
Enclosure Available No Yes
Price $12 $35

Download the Mini-Yack-Manual

Want to add more or different features?  Hack the Yack!  The YACK code is open source to view and modify. Mini-Yack-Source.


Mini-Yack Keyer

Item: Mini-YACK     Weight: 3oZ

Kit $12

Assembled $16

Mini-Yack Options



ATTINY85 Chips

Item: ATTINY85     Weight: .1oZ

Select from Blank, Mini-Yack, or 3CPO, or Yack-original





VE3FWF, LASER cut enclosure:

Enclosure Download: VE3FWF-Enclosures

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