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All of the below are one of a kind, clearance, or items we no longer use or need in the shack.  Please contact us if you need more information, offers, etc.








Polyvaricons (Variable Capacitor)


  • Each section is approximately 5-20pF
  • Rear trimmer adds up to 15pF
  • Includes 2 2.5x5mm mounting screws




  • Section 1: approximately 5-65pF with rear trimmer adds up to 10pF
  • Section 2: approximately 5-140pF with rear trimmer adds up to 10pF
  • Includes large 1.6″ (40mm) dial
  • Includes 3 2.5x5mm mounting & dial screws

20/20pF $1.75ea

60/140pF $2.75ea


Weight: .3oZ


Toroid Fair-Rite 594300101 (FT23-43)

$1 / 6

Item: FT23-43

Weight: .05oZ

IC 7806 6V Regulator TO-220

$1 / 6

Item: IC-7806

Weight: .4oZ

IC Sipex SP232EAP – RS-232 driver  16-pin

$1  / 5

Item: IC-SP232

Weight: .4oZ

IC Motorola MC145051P – 10-bit 11-channel ADC  20-pin


Item: IC-MC145051

Weight: .05oZ

International Rectifier  SOT-223 Package100V     1.5A     RDSon 0.54 Ohm

$1 / 6

Item: IRFL110TR

Weight: .03oZ

LED 5mm RED    Vf~1.6V  C~70pF

$.75 / 25


Weight: .3oZ

Resistor-250mW Resistors 1/4W 5% Carbon Film (25pk)
1K Ohm           1.8K Ohm          3K Ohm          15K Ohm          1M Ohm

$0.25 / 25

Item: RES-CF-[value]

Weight: .18oZ

Resistance Value

SMD-ResCaps SMD Capacitors and Resistors (25pk)
0805 100pF 50V 5% COG AVX 08055A101JAT2A0805 12pF 50V 5% NPO Samsung CL21C120JBANNNC1005 (0402) .1uF 100V 5% NPO Samsung CL05B104KO5NNNC0805 2.55M Ohms 1/8W 1% Yageo 311-2.55MCRTR-ND

$0.25 / 25

Item: SMD-RC-[value]

Weight: .18oZ


 cap100n200v  Capacitor, Disc .01uF 200V  10mm dia 5mm lead spacing (10pk)

$1.00 / 10

Item: CAP10N200V

Weight: .1oZ

IMG_2372 Capacitor, Electrolytic 220uF 16V   6x11mm 2.54mm lead spacing (10pk)

$1.00 / 10

Item: CAP220U16V

Weight: .25oZ

 10-pin-sip SIP Resistor 10K 10 pin isolated (5 resistors in SIP)Bourns 4610X-102-103LF  -(5pk)

$1.00 / 5


Item: SIP10K

Weight: .1oZ

TerminalBlock-EG128 Terminal Block 2 pin 5mm spacing 300V 10A (5pk)
ULO EG128-5.0

$1.00 / 5

Item: TB-EG128

Weight: .5oZ


ZIF-Sockets2 ZIF Sockets – 20 pin and 40 pin.Great not only for programming but also for prototyping where you need to change part values.

20 pin $1.50 each

Item: ZIF20P
Weight: .35oZ

40 pin $2.00 each

Item: ZIF40P
Weight: .8oZ

40 pin .6″ IC Socket (10 available)



Item: DIP-40

Weight: .1oZ


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