QRP Accessory Kits

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(Click on the pictures and titles for detailed information and assembly manuals)

We can also build the kit for you!  Assembled prices are in the detailed pages.
Contact us if you would like a kit built but assembly price is not listed.


Pixie Switch

Switch up to 4 different crystal frequencies on your QRP rig.



Relay Replacement Board

Replace a worn out relay or go QSK in your HW-8 & HW-7.  Drops in place of the relay or can also be used as a general purpose 20W T/R switch!



Audio Board

Drive a speaker or use standard 8 ohm headphones by giving your Heathkit HW-8 a little audio boost. This can also be used for direct conversion receiver projects with the 200x gain option(extra parts included).



Replacement Board

If your IC1 MC1496G lost it’s magic smoke and have sticker shock to the price of a replacement look no further! This is the MC1496DG SMD replacement board designed to fit into the 10 pin MC1496G area.  IC is already soldered onto the board!



Reverse Polarity Protection

Add reverse polarity protection to your radio and stop watching the magic smoke when the power is hooked up backwards!

Available in Thru-hole and easy to build surface mount.

SMD Dummy Load

20W Dummy load using large SMD parts.  A great first time SMD project.  Available in SMA or BNC connectors.

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