Using MY KEY device and ZOOM

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Getting CW via software such as Key2Keyboard, Morse Keyer, PCW FistCheck, etc. through an internet meeting such as Zoom or Skype can be tricky.  Video Gamers and musicians also have a similar problem.  The meeting software will typically cancel any audio coming from the PC speakers but even when bypassed too much audio will go back into the microphone and cause feedback.  Fortunately there is an solution to route an applications audio and your microphone to Zoom with a piece of software called VoiceMeeter.

We’ll walk through how I have my setup using VoiceMeeter but first it is best to download and install VoiceMeeter then watch this YouTube Link:


So now that you have VoiceMeeter installed and watched the video here is a walkthrough.

Like in the video first go into Sound Device Defaults by pressing the Windows Key then enter “Sound” in the search area and select Change System Sounds (Control Panel).  In the Playback tab select VoiceMeeter input as the default device.  Then in the Recording tab select VoiceMeeter Output as the default device.

Remember when you are done you will need to go back into the Sounds and change back to your default microphone and speakers.

Set up VoiceMeeter as shown in the video.  Here I am using input #1 as my webcam microphone, #2 input is unused, A1 output is my Speakers.

Some Applications, such as PCB FistCheck have the ability to select different outputs.  In these cases go into the application settings and set the output audio device to VoiceMeeter.

Other Applications use the default sound output but we can easily change this in windows by pressing the Windows key, entering “Mixer” in the search area and select the Sound Mixer Options.  You can then find your application and select VoiceMeeter as the default output.  2 important notes:  1) The application must alreay be running to find it in the mixer and 2) Once you select the new default you have to close and re-open the application for the change to take effect.  Below is an example of changing the Key2Keyboard application.


In Zoom select VoiceMeeter Output for your Microphone and select VoiceMeeter for your speaker.  Use the Test Speaker and Microphone tool and adjust your audio using the VoiceMeeter sliders as needed.  I also set up the Audio Profile for Low background noise suppression.


  • Your Mileage may vary depending on the different programs, revisions, and how erratic Windows behaves that day.
  • If the CW sounds choppy try changing the virtual input samples by right clicking under the “Virtual Input” at the top and selecting the new sample size.  Normally the default will work but 4096 may be a good alternative.
  • You may also wish to try different settings in the Audio Profile setup of Zoom.  Sometimes it will find the tone as “noise” and try to cancel it.


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