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Key2Keyboard takes the Morse code input from a straight or Iambic key, via a MY KEY SERIAL or MY KEY SERIAL2 device, and emulates many of the keyboard functions into your favorite Windows app (Example FLDigi).  A MY KEY SERIAL2 device, or serial port using the RTS line can also send Morse code to a transmitter.   A MY KEY MOUSE interface can also be used for most functions except keyboard emulation mode.  Practice Receiving and, with a Key or Keyboard, Sending back.

Software Required:

Windows 10 (other platforms not tested).  Lightweight: 2MB disk space and 20MB memory

Hardware Required: 

Your favorite key and a MY KEY SERIAL, MY KEY SERIAL2, or serial port using CTS and DSR for the key inputs and DTR as a control line. As an alternative to a serial device a mouse or mouse interface, such as the MY KEY MOUSE, can be used for practice only and can NOT be used to engage the keyboard functionality.


  • Straight, Iambic, and Bug (with single paddle) modes
  • Serial (preferred) or Mouse (limited capability) interfaces
  • Optional Keying to transmitter
  • 10 Macro functions
  • Keyboard emulator to push decoded Morse code into your favorite app!
  • Practice receiving and/or sending
    • Random Call signs, random groups, or news feed practice
    • Optionally send back individual characters or words via Key or Keyboard.
    • Fuctions such as  Farnsworth, Auto Speed changing & include/exclude characters.
  • (and more to come…….)

Screen Shots:

Latest Updates:


      • Increased font size
      • Removed license key – not used anyway
      • Added clear buttons for the buffer and practice text boxes
      • Updated to DotNet Framework 4.8 (performance improvement)
      • Potential fix to Win11 paging memory to disk after about 4 seconds of idle.


      • Fixed a problem with Farnsworth enable checkbox
      • Auto-refresh serial port selection when dropping down – This will find new COM ports added after starting Key2Keyboard.


  • Download the software here.
  • Extract the zip file into a temporary location (you can remove when setup is complete).
  • Run Setup.exe, follow the instructions (next, next…..finish).
  • Connect your key and enjoy

Known Issues:

  • Program not always choosing default sound output.  Go to sound settings in control panel, select the output device, then restart Key2Keyboard.
  • Tab order is random but widgets are ordered (MS problem?)

Upcoming Functions:

  • Ability to push decoded CW to another serial port using WinKey or CI-V commands.
  • Multi-Platform re-write – Usable on Windows, Linux, and Mac (will be a while – this is a HUGE change!)
  • Yes there is more but we’re not telling 🙂
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