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***WANTED: Beta Testers***

If interested contact for details

Key2Keyboard takes the Morse code input from a straight or Iambic key, via a MY KEY SERIAL or MY KEY SERIAL2 device, and emulates many of the keyboard functions into your favorite Windows app (Example FLDigi).  A MY KEY SERIAL2 device, or serial port using the RTS line can also send Morse code to a transmitter.  It can also be used to practice your keying or use as a text to Morse code interface.

Software Required:

Windows 10 (other platforms not tested).  Lightweight: 2MB disk space and 20MB memory

Hardware Required: 

Your favorite key and a MY KEY SERIAL, MY KEY SERIAL2, or serial port using CTS and DSR for the key inputs and DTR as a control line. As an alternative to a serial device a mouse or mouse interface, such as the MY KEY MOUSE, can be used for practice only and can NOT be used to engage the keyboard functionality.


  • Straight, Iambic, and Bug (with single paddle) modes
  • Serial (preferred) or Mouse (limited capability) interfaces
  • Optional Keying to transmitter
  • 10 Macro functions
  • Keyboard emulator to push decoded Morse code into your favorite app!
  • (and more to come…….)


Although Key2Keyboard is currently free, we ask to register your software.  This allows us to keep track to see if Key2Keyboard is popular enough to warrant future enhancements.

Screen Shots:


  • Download the software here.
  • Extract the zip file into a temporary location (you can remove when setup is complete).
  • Run Setup.exe, follow the instructions (next, next…..finish).
  • Register for all the functions! – See above
  • Read the HelpDocs.html or the Help tab in the program for details.
  • Connect your key and enjoy

Known Issues:

  • CPU Usage is high (fixed in dev version)
  • When sending text spaces are extra long (fixed in dev version)
  • Program not always choosing default sound output.  Go to sound settings in control panel, select the output device, then restart Key2Keyboard. (Fixed in dev version?)
  • Tab order is random but widgets are ordered (MS problem?)
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