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Welcome to 3rd Planet Solar & the shack of KC9ON


*** NEW ***

Component tester – check transistor pinouts, resistors, capacitors, diodes and more……..


Mini-Yack Keyer/Practice kits are back in stock


Check out our review of the Kanga UK Sandford Watt Meter

Meters can be purchased from this page (USA) or from Kanga UK


Fox Hunt Offset Attenuator Kits are back in stock


CALF – Configurable Audio Limiter Fiter is back in stock.

Updated with new changeable CALF EARS


CCK-LM386 Kits are back in stock!


Ceramic, SMD, And Air Trimmer Capacitors

18+ Varieties


Check out our review of the Kanga Acorn II SDR Receiver kit


Pixie kits w/ switch and crystals are back in stock


Magnet Wire

Bifilar Magnet Wire

Litz Wire

Starting as low as $.04/ft



Acorn II SDR Receiver

M0XPD Internet of Things DDS Shield

Arduino Sudden TX Shield

Arduino Receiver Shield

Aluminum enclosures


HW-7 & HW-8 3D Printed Replacement Buttons

Available in 9 colors


NPO and Temperature Compensated Capacitors

(High Quality Commercial and Military Spec)


N Female Chassis Connectors

only $2 each


We are now stocking various toroids


Reverse Polarity Protection SMD kits are back in stock


HW-8-MC1496 replacement adapter kits are back in stock


We now have Polyvaricons!

20/20pF and 60/140pF varieties available.



Pixie with Pixie Switch and 3 extra Crystals

 Simple Test Equipment kits

Audio Spectrum and volume display kits

Solder practice and learning kits

and more…..


HC49U (TALL) Crystals!

Available in 3560, 7030, 7040, 7055, and 7118KHz

3560 works with the Cricket!  Great for VXO’s!


SMD Dummy Load

Want to try surface mount soldering?

Don’t want to start with a big project and tiny parts?

This dummy load uses larger 1W “2512” style resistors for your first SMD project.

Usable up to 225MHz with an SWR of less than 1.3:1 and up to 20W intermittent.

Available in BNC and SMA versions


What’s 3rd Planet Solar all about?  Check it out in the About section.



Bagging a CALF herd




A few pictures of the shack:


Shack-Wide NewShack2 CALF-3CPO-HW-8
Once in a lifetime event – The bench is clean! 2016 Shack Upgrade The happy trio – HW-8, CALF, and 3CPO



The gear consists of an Icom IC-725 and MFJ 949D tuner/meter as the primary HF station with a Bencher and 3CPO for CW.  The old TRAC keyer still works but mostly retired now.  The main antenna is a simple 40M bowtie dipole which works pretty good on all bands.  Lately my Heathkit HW-8 has taken center stage pretty much replacing the IC-725.  Since my first HW-8 there is now a HW-7 and another HW-8 for camping.


The 2M primary station is an IC-251H with killer audio and RF output.  For Satellite and ISS work a Yaesu FT-290RII and Kantronics KAM fills the bill.  Yes, you can work the Space Station on just a watt or two and a simple vertical antenna!


When home-brewing and repairing we also use some fairly older equipment.  Heathkit IG-1271 signal generator, B&K 512MHz frequency counter, Philips 100MHz scope, Autek WM-1 RF/SWR meter, Heathkit IM-1210 DMM, Ramsey COM3 service monitor, Bird Wattmeter (that I always want more slugs for!), a few handheld DMM’s, my Digital Dummy Load, bench vise, and of course a Tenma solder reworks station.


Not pictured of more old equipment I pull off the shelf from time to time to play with.  A Kenwood TS-520 (under restoration), TS-530, Heathkit HW-16, HW-7, 2nd HW-8, HW-101 (under restoration), and my first rig an old Hallicrafters HT-17 (also under restoration).


Thanks for stopping by and 73!

John kc9on


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