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Welcome to 3rd Planet Solar & the shack of KC9ON



As of March 1 2023 we will no longer ship outside of the United States.  Please use our 3rd Planet Solar Ebay Store for international orders.  If there is something you want which is not there or need a custom order, just ask and we will list it!  For more information see our Store Information page.

*** NEW ***
The MY KEY SERIAL 2 – This is our MY KEY SERIAL key to USB interface with an additional opto-isolated transmit port.  See the Code Practice page for details and software compatibility.
CWMorse Pro Keyer featuring the K16 engine!

The FX-243 – an FT-243 style kit to hold your HC49/s or HC49/U crystals.


Practice your code using your key with the MY KEY SERIAL or MY KEY MOUSE. A simple key to USB Serial interface compatible with several programs and apps.  See our Code Practice page for compatible programs.

CWMorse Products

Fox Hunting






CW Kits

QRP Accessory Kits


DIY Homebrew



What’s 3rd Planet Solar all about?  Check it out in the About section.




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