Pixie Switch


The Pixie Switch will switch up to 4 different crystal frequencies on your QRP rig.  Kit includes the PCB, switch, and even the header and connector to install into your QRP radio.  Just add your favorite crystal frequencies.

The Pixie switch was designed to do more than just switch 4 crystals.  It can also be used to switch the front end crystals on radios like the Chinese Super RM Rockmite, switch different band filters, or use the extra crystal position with a capacitor or inductor to pull the crystal frequency.

Starting in 2022 paper manuals are no longer included in the kit.

Manuals can be downloaded at: https://kc9on.com/manuals/

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Manual for the Pixie Switch:  Pixie Switch Manual

Pixie w/ Switch

Pixie Switch Kit

Pixie Assembled

Super RM Rockmite Front End

Super RM Rockmite Switches

Pixie Connector

4 Band Low Pass Filter

VXO Testing

Vertical Pixie Switch

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