14MHz HC49U (Tall) Crystals


HC-49/U (TALL) QRP Crystals works with Pixies, Rockmites, Frogs, HW-7, HW-16 and many others. These have a higher power rating, lower ESR, and typically VXO bend farther compared to our HC49S (short) crystals. For other 14MHz crystals see our HC49/s items.


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Holder: HC49/U
Load Capacitance: 30pF
Temperature: -20/+70C
Stability: 30ppm
Tolerance: 30ppm
Shunt Capacitance: 7pF
Drive: 100uW
Insulation Resistance: 500 Ohms @ 100 VDC
Aging: +/-5ppm / year


Frequency (MHz) ESR Max Mode
3.500-3.899 90 Fundamental/AT
7.000-9.999 40 Fundamental/AT
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