CWMorse Pro Keyer


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CWMorse Pro Keyer is a full featured Iambic keyer based on the K1EL K16 engine

  • Built in speaker with stereo headphone jack for private listening
  • Positive OR negative transmitter keying maximum of 200V/120mA/300mW
  • Powered with the K1EL K16 Keyer engine
  • Keying from 5-99WPM plus QRSS and HSCW modes
  • Keying Modes: Bug, Ultimatic, Iambic A or B.  Note: Straight keys are not supported
  • Two User Configurations each with call sign
  • Rx and Tx Practice Modes
  • Dynamically allocated Non-Volatile Message Memory: 240 letters in twelve Slots/dual banked with embedded commands
  • Sidetone Frequency from 300 Hz to 2000Hz.
  • Dual User Configuration
  • Fast Speed Change Feature The speed can be incremented or decremented quickly by pressing and holding the command push button and then tapping the paddles. Press left to decrease the speed or right to increase the speed.
  • Dit/Dah Ratio Control
  • Current consumption: Sleep <20uA Idle 1.3mA, keyed no volume 6mA , keyed full volume 30mA
  • USA version – Batteries included and installed!

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