HW-8 QSK T/R Switch Kit


Need to replace a bad relay in your HW-7 or HW-8?

Tired of the clank-clank-clank sound throwing off your sending?

Want to go QSK to hear between the characters?

Need a general purpose QRP T/R switch?

The HW-8-TR board may be the cure!  This solid state replacement board was designed to drop right in place of the HW-7 & HW-8 relay.  Included on the board are transmit and receive LED’s which can be remotely mounted.  With this board and a few simple modifications (parts included) your HW rig can perform quiet operation with QSK.

NEW – 2024 Kits contain parts for the pop reduction modification from the QQ Article.  Article is appended to the bottom of the manual.

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HW-8-TR-SideHW-8-TR board HW-8-TR-partskitParts Kit HW-8-TR-Installed2Installed in an HW-8


A few notes, good and bad, about the relay board:

  • In receive there is a slight loss of < 6db, typically < 3dB depending on your setup.  That may sound like a lot but it’s really about <1/2 to no more than 1 S-unit.  For the weak signal hunting in the noise floor nothing beats a mechanical switch but for the casual QRP QSO you probably won’t notice the difference.


  • Although the board was designed as a drop fit for the HW-8 relay, it was also designed as a general purpose 5-10W QRP T/R switch for separate receivers and transmitters.  It will work up to 20W and even “smoke tested” to 100W!  We have also tested to board from 160M-10M with good results.  See the HW-8 page for more details!


  • Normally our kit designs are fairly easy to solder with larger pads and parts spaced apart a little.  But due to fitting into the HW-8 relay area we had to use smaller pads with parts spaced closer together.  This may not be a kit suited for beginners (the HW-8 audio board is a great beginner kit!) but some kit building experience, or a nearby elmer, may be needed.

Check out the HW-8-TR-V3-Manual.

See the TR board in action with the LED’s mounted behind the S-meter on this video.

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