HW-8- Upgrade Pack


Upgrade your Heathkit HW-8 or HW-7 with 5 of our most popular kits:
HW-8-LM386 – replaces the HW-8 audio board to drive a small speaker or 8 ohm headphones
HW-8-TR – replaces with clunky mechanical relay with a fast solid state T/R switch. Includes parts for the Pop mod article in Qrp Quartrly
HW-8-Lights – Add lights over the dial and S-meter
Reverse Polarity (Assembled) – protect your radio from hooking the power up backwards!
Basic Yak Keyer – Add an iambic keyer with straight ey bypass mode.

Save more than 20% off the regular price of purchasing the individual kits!

This are KITs, some soldering experience is required . If using for your HW-7, please contact us and we’ll included the dividing resistors if we have them in stock.

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in


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