Toroid Odds and Ends


See below for details on each toroid.

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Pre-wound Size: T27-17 Manufacturer: Micrometals
 Turns:  11  #24


Pre-wound Size: T30-17 Manufacturer: Micrometals
Turns: 9 bifilar #26


Size: T50 Color: Black Permeability: ~9
OD: 0.057 (12.9mm) ID: 0.248 (6.3mm) Height: 0.258 (6.5mm)
Part#: 57-4157-81 Manufacturer: Unknown
10 turns = ~1uH 15 turns = ~2uH 20 turns = ~3.6uH
30 turns = ~6.9uH Fits over RG-8x cable



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Toroid Size

T27, T30, T50


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